Daniel Kekipi

Web Developer - Graphic Artist - User Experience Designer



I'm a passionate visual designer with over 15 years of experience in multimedia design & development, including graphic design, website design, photography, and video editing. I am experienced with Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere and InDesign. I take pride in having an extreme attention to detail, managing time lines, working on multiple projects simultaneously, and collaborating with my team in a professional creative environment.

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Full Page Books

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Magazines and Reports

I have taken many designs from concept to completion including full color annual reports and newsletters. Many of these projects have contained over twenty pages of content.

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Wordpress Development

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Wordpress Development

I have many years of experience creating custom Wordpress websites, modifying themes to match the client's needs. I currently own and operate over thirty Wordpress websites that constantly produce content on their own and drive traffic using various plugins.

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Logos & Illustrations

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Logos and Illustrations

Art is my passion, and illustrations are no exception. Creating logos and illustrations from the beginning stages is always amazing because I can transform a basic doodle on a napkin into a high quality vector graphic that can be scaled to any resolution.

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Custom Website Designs

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Custom Website Designs

While creating Wordpress websites can be simple and effective, I also have experience creating custom website solutions using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have experience in Bootstrap, and often create custom web solutions using Dreamweaver.

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Printing & Finishing

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Business Cards

Many designers complete their projects by sending their graphics off to a printer to deliver the final product. Not me. I have many years of experience working in a print shop where I am responsible for running a large production printer, large format printer, machine cutter, folder, padding, and other binding solutions.

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Responsive Web Design

Daniel Kekipi - Graphic Design - Responsive Website Designs

As mentioned before, I have many years experience getting websites on the internet. It is very important that all websites are responsive and change depending on the device that the user is viewing the site. I always make sure to put responsive design at the top of the list to give the very best user experience possible.

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